Future of Technology Consulting Services in Today’s Digital Era

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Most tech consulting companies and startups are availing of technology consulting services to compete with the creative demands of their target audiences. The right tech consultant will assist in implementing effective strategies, help with digital transformation, and optimize innovative technologies. 

Artis Consulting, an exclusive Microsoft partner, uses deep technical knowledge and expertise to revolutionize data collection and leveraging. The technology consulting firm uses Microsoft Azure, advanced analytics, and AI to maximize the potential of the data collected for their clients.

This tech services consulting firm was founded in 2002 as the ‘business intelligence integrator.’ The company has expanded its capabilities to enhance and integrate emerging technologies into a rapidly evolving business environment. Moreover, its partnership with Microsoft Azure Cloud is helping the consulting firm’s clients gain proper insight into the changing technological capabilities.

The technology consulting company Artis Consulting is helping clients distinguish themselves in the market competition by providing them strategic insights using AI and Advanced Analytics offered by Microsoft. The company provides impactful solutions using collaboration with Microsoft in areas like Intelligent Applications, IoT, Data and Analytics, and AI.

Artis Consulting uses the proven and unique business-driven ROI approach to assist clients in amplifying their potential and using AI and ML to make exact predictions. The IT Consulting industry has a major impact on organizations, from startups to large industries, to empower and build solutions to create a free flow of data to make informed decisions.

Source: Microsoft

A Comprehensive Statistical Study of Technology Consulting Services

Businesses prefer to engage top technology consulting firms to help them with tech consulting and to understand the technology market for easy implementation of resources. The potential tech disruption has already started, showing that 44% of time is saved for professional writing tasks, 50% is reduced for accountants and auditors to prepare most of the financial tasks, and 55% is reduced in programming time.

The digital business consulting market has grown over the past five years at a CAGR of 10.8% between the forecast period to reach $118 billion in 2024. Most companies are hiring the professional IT consulting services provider to accelerate their adoption of digital technology for overall industrial transformation. 

The expertise of technology consulting firms is used to bring about digital transformation in various industries. The consultants follow distinct processes and engineering techniques to deliver successful outcomes. Hence, the IT consulting and implementation market will be $72.36 billion by 2024. It is expected to grow to $87.03 billion by 2028.

(Source: https://www.statista.com/outlook/tmo/it-services/it-consulting-implementation/worldwide)

By 2023, 89% of large companies have undergone an AI and digital transformation globally. Of these companies, 31% have experienced a revenue rise, and 25% expect cost savings. Moreover, the shareholders have received annual returns of 8.1% as compared to 4.9% in the last few years.

What is the Future of Technology Consulting in the Digital World?

From IT strategies to software development, technology consulting has become the need of the hour. The businesses need advice on implementation, regularities, blockades, etc., to drive digital growth. It is necessary to take the right technology consulting service. 

Let us now explore the future of technological and IT consulting.

  1. Capitalization

Tech consulting will help businesses, especially startups, navigate digital transformation processes and maintain a competitive advantage. It will help expand the work opportunities for full-time and remote employees. 

Companies can apply creative solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of their end users. This capitalization of digital consulting will assist with revenue growth and maintain the business’s competitive advantage.

  1. Acknowledge About Risk Assessments

Hire the right technology consulting company that can help you mitigate business risk while implementing the new technologies in their initial phase. The digital consulting companies will help with risk assessment and provide a full-fledged report on which technology will better suit their company’s performance.

  1. Cost-Cutting

Digital consulting helps cut costs as most of the work is done using software or apps. It helps to lessen the time that would otherwise be spent on doing manual work. However, hiring the right digital and tech consultant who can help you by deploying the right technology is important. The consulting companies provide the current trends and innovations for particular technologies to add value to the business’s work. 

  1. Use Of Modern Technologies

From implementing blockchain technology to AI and other advanced analytics, it becomes necessary to take the services from the tech consultant. Technology consulting companies help businesses use modern technologies according to their needs and requirements. Moreover, this will balance the Hybrid working models in companies, increase cybersecurity, and drive IoT collaboration with AI, ML, and AR &VR.

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